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When we talk more evocatively we say "It’s all your communication in one place, instantly searchable, and available wherever you go." On the marketing side we give a more concrete description like "It’s a messaging and search platform that creates a single unified archive accessible through powerful search." Our ambition is that it’s a foundational bit of technology for most teams.Whatever it is that they do, sales, tech development, editorial, or even in medical device manufacturing, every team has to communicate with other people, and messages are flying around everywhere.It worked so well that, when Butterfield’s game In the six months since launch, Slack, as the app’s called, has been growing at a breakneck pace.Over 125,000 people use the app every day, among them 13,000 teams at companies as large as e Bay, Sony, Yelp, and NBCUniversal.With Slack, it seems he’s found his latest accidental success.

And now we have one search box that lets us search all of that. This wasn’t clear when we started working on it, that there was a huge advantage to having a neutral platform where not just humans but external systems can post messages.

The advantage of centralizing that — even if you forget search or i OS apps — the idea of centralizing that is a huge value over having messages fragmented into different inboxes.

When someone joins your team next week, they will have historical archives available to them that they can fall back on, as opposed to starting at a company and having an empty inbox.

When I open my email it’s a giant casserole of email from family, friends, people we work with outside our organization, and all those things I just mentioned. One of the advantages of something like Slack is that I tap on the app icon and it’s the people at my company, and just the people I work with. Back at Yahoo I had to decide which folder I wanted to put things into, and we had limited email space. We started the company five years ago to make an MMO game.

There’s a strong boundary there which aids in comprehension. Now you archive everything and know you can search for it again. Slack’s third-party app integrations give it a real contextual edge over both chat apps and email apps. We used IRC to chat because when we started there were four of us.

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